Our Home

Origin's base of operations is set in the £20m Science and Technology Park in North Wales which is part funded by European Regional Development Funding through the Welsh Government has been in development for five years.

our story

Our team

The Origin IT Services Team each play a unique and important role in the delivery of constantly evolving set of services and solutions. 

Integrity, passion for knowledge and a thirst to push the boundaries of technology are what make Origin's Staff truly unique in a crowded Cloud Services market. 

Our history

Origin IT Services was created in the wake of the 4th Industrial revolution that introduced a huge uptake in Hybrid and Public Cloud Services, and the need to securely plan, deploy and maintain them. 

By working closely with organisations like Intel, Microsoft, AWS and the UK National Cyber Security Centre Origin can provide the necessary skills on knowledge to leverage the latest advancements in Technology.   

Our specialities

Whether we use a Cloud Hosted platform like Azure or AWS or host our ICT Services on our own datacentre hosted hardware, our ability to deliver a performant and secure solution has been entirely dependant on the underlying hardware

By working directly with Intel, Origin can provide the most advanced and secure hosting technology based on approved Microsoft, VMware and RedHat Cloud Blocks and reference architectures with seamless integration with major Public Cloud Providers like Microsoft and Amazon AWS.