Microsoft Surface Go for Education

The Classroom of Tomorrow

Surface is a trusted brand that offers more secure, easy-to-manage devices that are ready to go wherever young minds will take them.

Manage Classrooms

Microsoft Teams will provide each student with a single windows to access their work, collaborate with staff and students and communicate securely 

Sync Student Information

Automatically create Classrooms and present content via Teams and Schools Data Sync Service

Effective 1:1 Device Strategy

Surface Go provides a cost effective option for educators to provide a 1:1 Device Strategy. 

Office365 Education Ready

Each Surface Go Device connects seamlessly to your Office365 Education Cloud Platform.

Surface Go and Office365 Education provides a fully functioning productivity and collaboration platform that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. 

No More Passwords

Surface Go supports Facial Recognition providing simple and highly secure access to each device 

Microsoft Surface go for Business

Access Anywhere

Small, Versatile, long battery life, perfect for enabling access from any location for a mobile workforce 

Microsoft365 Ready

Surface Go with Microsoft365 provides a GDPR-ready fully featured mobile Productivity environment

Futureproof Docking options

Each Device includes a USB C port providing flexible docking station options for any organisation

Cloud Integration

Windows 10 Enterprise and Microsoft Azure Cloud hosted Services provide access to key Line of business applications securely from any location