About us

Origin IT Services are cloud technology security specialists with over a decade of experience delivering cutting-edge solutions that help organisations transform their ways of working. We focus on delivering technology that is truly innovative but with data security and compliance at its core – ensuring our customers have the ultimate peace of mind.

We support organisations all over the UK – from large enterprises to schools – from our base in North Wales. We blend our national reach with a firm commitment to invest in and develop our local area as part of commitment to the regional economy.

Our values

We’re incredibly passionate about developing skills, opportunities and the economy in our region whilst supporting organisations nationwide.
We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards. We commit ourselves to being at the leading-edge of cloud technology solutions and bringing you the latest and greatest to transform your organisation.
Our solutions are designed to help you achieve your goals through technology. We use proven techniques to design and support solutions that meet your exact needs.
The security of our customers’ core data and applications is of the utmost importance to us. Security is built into the foundation of everything we do, rather than an afterthought.
Problems inspire us
The blend of working with Enterprise, Business and Education provides unique problems and challenges that fuel our creative thinking and drive us to technology in new and creative way, giving both Origin and our customers an advantage through creative problem solving and technical superiority.

Our vision

To work in partnership with UK companies to help them maximise their revenue and reduce costs through the effective use of technology

To create regional IT cloud services centre of excellence in North Wales and the North West with a nationwide reach

To create opportunities for sustainable long-term STEM employment

To engage with local education institutions and develop hands-on apprenticeships that promote learning and development

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